Brian Wallach
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Wallach began his career in 1977 with Bob-Irv Trucking Corp., a family owned business, in Mt. Vernon, NY. Brian would become responsible for directing all operational aspects of the company. In 1986 Bob-Irv Trucking merged with Gale Delivery to form Triangle Transport. The headquarters for Triangle moved to New Jersey, where Brian assumed responsibility for Operations. By 1993, Triangle had expanded to the west coast, south and southeast, with Brian heading operations in these facilities also.

In 1997, under Brian’s direction, Triangle Distribution a third-party warehouse management service was founded. Triangle Distribution provided full service warehousing and inventory control to vendors and retailers. Brian was integral in establishing the operational aspects of the company and was the driving force behind the company’s marketing activities and overall success. In 2001, Triangle Transport merged with New Deal Transportation with Brian continuing to be responsible for all operational activities.

Brian now continues to lead the next generation of transportation and distribution services at Linear Logistics. He also serves as a trustee for ILA Local 1964 on behalf of employee’s health and welfare plans.