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Linear Logistics understands the urgency associated with all shipments.

Through our domestic/consolidation program, pickups that are tendered by noon will be picked up, verified and manifested by end of business day in virtually all cases. Our air shipment pickup services offer a multiple daily “sweep” of the U.S. gateway airports (LAX, JFK, MIA). We operate specialized trucks equipped with roller bed and flat bed conveyors which enable us to accommodate LD3’s, M1’s and airline pallets at time of pickup. All of our transportation equipment is equipped with 24/7 GPS tracking coupled by event status EDI updates guarantee 24/7 real time visibility to all of our customers. We also offer full Container Freight Station (CFS) services. This combination of services insures our customers of gaining a 1-2 day advantage in their supply chain process.

We feature turnaround times as low as 24 hours; including pickup, unloading, verification and transloading to outbound destination.

We provide full airfreight handling services, specializing in hanging garments and Flat Pack apparel shipments. We are fully capable of processing air cans, verifying their contents to packing list, and providing receiving information electronically to our customers.