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Distribution Center Bypass

Linear Logistics’ DC Bypass program can reduce our customers’ transportation costs significantly by bypassing their own DCs in other parts of the country and shipping products to our warehousing and distribution facilities. Linear can then deliver the product directly to stores, often saving 4-5 days in transit time from the supply chain.

Linear Logistics’ Consolidation and Flow Through Center can:

  • Provide online PO verification
  • Identify POs that require expediting
  • Verify ASNs before the shipment arrives at the DC
  • Provide ASN SKU level verification
  • Optimizes the load planning
  • Optimizes the DC labor planning
  • Provide advanced notice of linehaul deliveries into DCs enabling customers to better plan labor and optimize load planning
  • Enable clients to reduce your transportation expenses and use of LTL carriers
  • Linear’s IT infrastructure supports both online and EDI access at the PO and SKU level