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The Linear Logistics IT team is on call and available any time of day or night.

We offer the latest, most advanced transportation and inventory/warehousing system solutions that support the movement and tracking of your product.

Shipment Visibility
Shipments are date and time stamped, giving our customers real-time incremental timelines on all shipments. Further information can be obtained through our website, EDI processes or customized reports.

We support VICS standard, proprietary or hybrid EDI documents, inclusive of flat file mapping, as well as FTP through secure VPN, AS1, AS2 and Van transmission processing.

PO Management
We support standard or SKU level PO management scenarios. Based upon our customers' requirements, our PO validation and acceptance rules can be based on date, SKU level allocations or PO match. Our system can insure full PO validation for all customers.

We offer scanning environments at either a conveyor or scan gun level. Based upon our customers' needs, warehouse management, inbound receiving, DC sort, DC Bypass, store direct, store receiving and allocation change are among some of the options that are supported by Linear Logistics.

Shipment tender
Vendors can enter pickups through our website, EDI or by contacting us. In all cases PO rules are respected.

We offer a full array of customized manifests that can accompany outbound EDI transmissions when each trailer is closed.

Shipment queries, overviews and reporting can all be accessed through our website – one more way our customers get real-time detailed information, 24 hours a day.

Reports are either at detail or summary level and are exportable to any open database application. Additionally, should a customer require a specific customized report, we will gladly accommodate all requests.

Our IT infrastructure is real-time, redundant and flexible to meet the custom needs of our clients' supply chain.